Friday, 7 June 2013


I wonder what it is about June that has bloggers breaking skeletons and getting all serious. +Shanique Roca got me all serious with her back to back selfless entries. Has the evening started to die down I contemplated; after my Hol Mi Close entry and Self Destruction what do I come with after all this. I tried to write an informative article but thought realistically and figured I wouldn't have completed it in time to post today. Yesterday morning when I went to bed I couldn't resist thinking about my self destruction post. I was man enough to share my entry on instagram and twitter but then reality farted in my face and I started to question the consequences of my revelation. After my devotion yesterday morning I saw that I had received very good feedback from the post. wipes sweat from forehead* But I've also realized that possibly I hadn't totally kissed the sorrows of my past goodbye. I randomly decided to read Philippians 3 before going to bed yesterday morning and verse 13 caught my eye.

Philippians 3:13
"Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before."

Sometimes I like to sit back and look over the things that I have done, carefully go through and process them. Do you do that too? After I read the scripture I was wowed at how well it spoke to what I had shared yesterday. Our past isn't something that we should be ashamed of rather it should be something that compliments who we are now. Exhibit A this is who I used to be and POW this is me now. I had reached that level of almost complete satisfaction with the new confident me and then I went to university. It almost appeared that every bit of confidence that I had gained had vanished away and I simply regressed to a few small habits of that old self. I'm challenging myself to not get back to where I was prior to uni but to get way past up there.  I'm starting a selfless journey. On this journey I have four aims:

1. Fully accept my past (acceptance): One of the greatest accomplishments is being able to fully accept and be comfort in oneself. My past isn't an hinderance; it's a booster.
2. Destroy my box and make an umbrella (destruction): I've held myself back on countless occasions and it's time to get uncomfortable. Instead of a box I'm taking an umbrella. That umbrella will shelter me just as my box did but I'll be better able to look at the horizon this way.
3. Grow even stronger spiritually (growth): Spiritual strength is essential to every rocky road that we will face. With strength comes greater battles but with God in the vessel I can smile at the storm.
4. Shine: At this stage I can completely showcase that light within me that has always wanted to escape.

On this journey I will include entries of the following titles Acceptance, Destruction, Growth and Shine. Acceptance may include shedding another one of my sores. Destruction will make reference to something that I did outside of my element. Growth will include sharing a spiritual message and Shining will speak to an accomplished destruction.

God be with me on this new journey and thank you for the blessing that awaits me.

God Bless you