Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review Yo Mada: Wow Shampoo and Conditioner

Sidenote: My previous followers may have seen me blog about Wow Shampoo and/or Conditioner some time or the other in my  Wata de Scalp post . But I hadn't done a full review of the product/s, I wanted to fully use it to be able to give a thorough review. This is a brand of Jamaica and so I was very excited to try these products.

Wow Honey and Almond Conditioning Shampoo (2 litres)
$394.00 Jamaican dollars 
$ 4.00 US dollars

  This is a sulfate shampoo as such I proceeded to dilute it and add a few essential oils (my alopecia treatment look out for that). My hair felt very dry and really rough from using this shampoo. I applied Vo5 Balancing Conditioner to impart moisture but my hair was still very crisp and dry. The shampoo contains protein and so I thought that is why I got those results. A family member of mine also tried it and experienced the same results. The shampoo was used on transitioning and relaxed hair yet we both experienced dry, rough, crisp hair. Definitely a thumbs down on the shampoo. However, the smell of the product is very nice; it has a slight nutmeg-like scent.

Wow Honey and Almond Conditioner (2 litres)
$394.00 Jamaican dollars
$4.00 US dollars

  I thought that this conditioner would not had been thick enough for my hair but I found that it made detangling fairly easy. Before deciding to use the product the ingredient Glydant caught my attention.  From research, I gathered that Hydatoin is a antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative (trade name Glydant). However, I was assured by the company that the ingredient's sole purpose was to preserve the product. Fortunately, there were not effects experienced. I'm very impressed with the conditioner; however, the nutmeg scent in the conditioner may be a bit overwhelming for those who are not big fans of scents.

Ingredients for Conditioner:
Deionized water, stearylkonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, poyquaternium 7, protein, aloe vera gel, glydant, castor oil, almond oil, citric acid colour

Finally words: I really like the conditioner and would consider repurchasing; however, the shampoo needs some more moisturizing ingredients. Hopefully they will review the shampoo formula. After moisturizing and sealing my hair felt very nice.

N.B I couldn't find the shampoo bottle has the product is finished and so I apologize for not having those ingredients,