Friday, 28 September 2012

Wata De Scalp

Side note: Finally washed my hair after so many weeks (I left my hair journal at home-bad idea right sigh) I think it was either three or four weeks since I had my twists in and bwoy. I'm doing Physical Ed in school and I sweat like a river, picture it sweat, dirt and hair. Ugh yup, I was really concerned whether or not the water here at the house I'm staying for school was hard water. Googled and did a few water tests and the tests showed I didn't have any hard water. The pressure was low and so it took forever to wash my hair. Since my hair had so much product and oil in it before I just dived right into deep conditioning on dry hair.

  • I applied WOW Moisturizing Conditioner (light protein) to dry hair and allowed it to steam while I did some chores. I believe I steamed it for an hour or so. 
  • Then proceeded to detangle (can I say I experienced breakage- a lot too)
  • I wet each individual section and shampooed with some diluted Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab (Protein) shampoo w/ tea tree and lavender essential added. See Review yo Mada
  • After shampooing I applied some Vo5 Balancing conditioning, rinsed and braided the section.
  • I applied coconut oil and my shea butter mix to moisturize and seal.
  • I flat twisted the front and trimmed/dusted/cut each twist. The back was in two jumbo buns
  • Later in the day (after realizing how dry my hair felt) I divided those two buns into smaller units/braids and detangled, moisturized and sealed once more. Also trimmed/cut/dusted those smaller braids.
I felt a distinct wave pattern in the back section of my head (the looser pattern) but realized that my hair was a bit dry. so after dividing those sections I baggyed (Sunday evening) overnight and Monday when I went to school. Thank you to the person who made tams :) Everyone has a goal that they want to get to but I find myself not being in a conflict when it comes to getting rid of a few ends. I left my hair in twists for a good period of 3 or so weeks and experienced major tangles and breakage. I should have remembered my last experience with leaving them so long, I thought one of my twists had turned into a lock (I'm kinda exaggerating but you get the point). 
I want to be in low manipulation mode for a while so the front is nicely put together but some granny plaits reside at the back. Left those braids in for four days and took them down today and did the banana clip bun shown above.
N.B I believe I probably should have done a deep moisture condition after shampooing has I think that the two proteins were what contributed to the crisp dry hair. I baggyed it is seemed to alleviate the problem a bit.

Here are a few pictures when I had the braids in and when I took them down last night: