Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wata de Scalp

Sidenote: This wash day was October 6, 2012. (I know I know) In the last Wata de Scalp post I expressed that I had experienced breakage while detangling. The last time I had twists in that long I experienced the very same thing. So I'm wondering if at a certain time my hair needs the twists to be removed. Well maybe what they say is true- too much of a good thing is bad.

  • I prepooed with my pumpkin plantain (PP) puree for almost two hours.
  • Applied Vo5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner for about 30-45 minutes
  • Poured warm water (opened cuticles) on top of the prepoo and conditioner and lightly detangled. 
  • Went under the shower using cool water ( closed cuticles) and detangled with the running water 
  • Braided each section under the water 
  • Used a t-shirt to absorb some of the excess water.
  • Applied coconut oil and shea butter mix to moisturize and seal.
  • I flat twisted the front section again and did a braided bun.
  • Trimmed/cut/dusted the flat twists and plaits in my bun.
P.S I normally use the Vo5 Balancing Conditioner (love); however, they didn't have any in the store and so I decided to purchase the Vo5 Silky Experiences. It's no way close to the balancing conditioner the consistency is a little too runny. While the Balancing conditioner is a bit runny it doesn't dance as much. Plus whenever I apply it to my hair it's has though it melts all the tangles and makes my hair really really soft. 
At the end of this wash day my hair felt amazeballs, the PP puree was so moisturizing. It didn't feel so moisturizing when I was applying it to my hair but after that steam session it felt very moisturized. I applied the left over to my face and that worked out really well too. The con about this from my cousin is that my concoction smelt like cheese and he claimed it was nasty. I had to defend that it was free of chemicals, full of nutrients and also ECONOMICAL. I didn't see anything much in the smell, what I will say is that it can be a bit messy. 
For my PP puree I boiled a piece of pumpkin the size of a slice of pizza and one plantain. I removed the green skin from the pumpkin. Then I placed them in the blender and pureed. Allowed it to cool and placed in the refrigerator the next day it looks like a paste and I let it sit before applying it to my hair.