Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Twisties are In!

POP! I'm back I've completed my twists- Whoopie. I completed my other two sections on Saturday and early Sunday morning I got up and did my flat twists. I wrapped my hair in a low bun to keep it stretched and placed a baggy over it. This is how I wore my hair to school on Monday. Doesn't this style look familiar? It's the very same one from my Twists be gone post. I slept with my hair like this and placed my baggy over the bun  last night. I haven't put my hair in twist since August and surprisingly my ends weren't that bad. Glad I was able to do a thorough dust/trim for it had been a while. It's been a total of two years since I've been on my hair journey and  November 7th was my anniversary. I'm thankful to God for allowing me to have found the knowledge that I have now cause it's nothing that I've done of myself. When I first started this journey everybody told me I was wasting my time and they laughed when I told them we all can have healthy long hair. Now my mom and cousin are in awe and give me a lot more support these days. I had some rough days: bad bad hair days accompanied with dry hair. When I first discovered this whole hair business everyone recommended patience and I just couldn't see through it. I wanted it long and now. I really now understand the term all good things  come to those who wait. This not only applies to hair but life in general. When you feel like you're not getting anywhere on your hair journey look at where you're coming from and look ahead to what is to come.

Peace and Blessings