Friday, 16 November 2012

3 Styles I've Been Rocking in College

I love all of these styles because they're so easy to do and they don't take a lot of time. The two last ones are my absolute favourites and most of my styles are accidents. I promise you no joke. I always have a vision of what I want to get done and it never comes out the way I planned- never. 

  • For the first style on the left my hair was washed and conditioned then my hair braided Wata de Scalp. Didn't come out has planned and I did what I knew best- threw it into a banana clip. I then cornrowed down the middle and pinned under the excess.

  • For this style my hair was moisturized and sealed then put into a banana clip and put into loose twists. I believe about 8-9 twists of varying size. Then I crisscrossed each twist, so I brought each twist that was on the left to the right and those on the right to the left. Bare in mind that all the twists weren't brought over all at once- one left, one right, one left, one right until all the twists were done. I wish I had brought some beads with me to had dressed up the look. 

  • Since starting my transition I've never been able to bun my hair and I actually gave up on bunning. I was doing my hair one day and remembered watching women using headbands for buns and so I gave it a try. It worked and I was so excited- my first bun on transitioning hair. I spilt the ponytail into two and plait/braided them. The braid on the left I pin it to the right and the braid on the right to the left. Then I added my handmade bow to hide the ends.

Started doing flat twists in the beginning of my stretch/ transition because my hair wouldn't slick down and I didn't love how it looked while growing out. Even though my intentions for flat twisting has changed, I haven't looked back. I love that I can let it look has though I'm fully natural by creating the "halo" with my flat twists Halo Effect. Plus it doesn't pull too much tension on my edges having that front section pulled back.  Below are the products I use for my flat twists most of the time. From left is a container I keep my rubberbands soaked in oil, castor oil to help grab tiny hairs (hairline), hair oil to oil scalp (coconut oil or olive oil with tea tree and lavender oil), coconut oil, shea butter mixture, rat-tail comb and scissors.