Thursday, 30 August 2012

Missing In Action


I've been off for a while seeing that I'm now a Freshman in University. New environment, harder experiences, work, time management and all of that. Really just trying to get situated in the area and catch the ropes of being a University student. It's definitely an unsure/scary experience. You're concerned if you'll do well, how are you doing to do this and that you know. Deep Breathe.

Hair wise, I'm currently in a protective style. Must students go for weaves or braids but my braider isn't the greatest in terms of care. She's amazing in terms of giving you a beautiful and unique style but she braids really tight. I'm migraine prone and I experience tons of breakage when she does my hair. So, I've twisted my own hair and tucked, hidden and pinned. I spray it with Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Thickening Moisture Mist some mornings before classes but  not every day. Nothing too complex, but I am thinking how will I wear my hair, will I have time for the hair, thoughts like these. I'll be asking God for guidance and wisdom to make the right decisions.

N.B The picture above is my current protective style.

Sidenote: I recently lost a ton of my hair journey pictures because the machine was re-installed and though the pictures were saved I can't find them. Sigh. I had a post where I wanted to reveal a secret and don't know how I'll get that done. But fingers crossed, a solution will come my way. Not only for this but other problems that may come along. Stay blessed and God be with you.

Are you in university on a hair journey?

How do you do it?