Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Life Update| Happy New Year

I can't count the number of times I've set out to come with an update. I've thought of what I wanted to say, pictures I want to use but where tha update at tho? Can you believe I haven't written anything for the blog since November 2016? Oh. My. Well. First thing, first.

  I am officially a graduate! Holding a Bsc. in Psychology and a minor in Secondary Education. The journey surely was challenging with some great laughs and memories. Things got hectic from January to June in my final year so I had to take a break to focus on the final lap. Lots of tears, moments of giving up, painful situations and tiresome days. Nevertheless, I made it! I completed two practicums with my programme due to my major and minor. Normally, one's minor won't call for an internship or practicum. However, one of those rare cases (as some would say) I did two. I believe I was the only one from my batch (Psychology) that completed two practicums. One for 3 months and a couple of days and the other for 2 months. I did the one for 3+months first and finished that on a Friday then begin the other on the following Monday. My body was beat!

It feels good to be a graduate and I'm recuperating while doing what graduates do. Job seeking, volunteering, learning, resting and trying not to get too fat.

Also! I cut my hair a few months ago too (by this I've cut it more than three times). I was aiming for waist length for graduation but the stress from practicum took a toll on my hair so I had to cut it and after graduating I fell of the HHJ, you know.

To share it all in its entirety, you'd be reading for days! Just know I'm finding my way back into blogging; for I miss it. I changed the blog name too from Caught Between a Curl and Cream to Kreamy Kurls.

Happy New Year, gentle people. Blessings for you and yours for the year.

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