Friday, 13 May 2016

Brand Jamaica entrepreneurs celebrate Mothers

It was a year ago that I was brainstorming about things that I could do to give back. I came up with some fairly good ideas but the one that stood out the most was to have a giveaway to honour a hard-working Jamaican woman. However, I had no clue of how to go about initiating the idea and the money to get it done.

Every day I'd open my blog journal and look at this idea that seemed ever so far from manifestation. That is until Thursday, April 21, 2016 when myself along with other brand Jamaica entrepreneurs were contacted by Mr. Demola Cunningham, Owner/Marketing Director of Button It Jamaica. He shared his idea of a Mother's Day Giveaway and the following day we were all in an online meeting.

As a group, we gathered our resources, time, and gifts. Which resulted in a successful Mother's Day Give-a-way. There was a total of 16 submissions for the giveaway; however, we could only choose three. Danielle Powell, Daryl Petrekin and Tiana Grant were the winners and each of them received a gift basket for their mother along with a free photo shoot from Dwayne K Smith Photography.

The sponsors who contributed to the fulfillment of this giveaway include:

Demola Cunningham of Button It

Carol Boddoo of Madison's Accessories & More 

 Tena Harrison of Pretty Little Things

Karrell Bennett of Bella Scents

Dwayne K Smith of Dwayne K Smith Photography

 Devene Sutherland of House of Deva Bandeau

Monique Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Boutique

Robert Bennett of Relic Designs 

Chevanne Smith/Kreamy Kurls of Caught Between a Cream and Curl

Each gift basket was packed with love and featured an array of products from the sponsors. On Wednesday, May 11 we meet the winners and did the presentation at Devon House. 

Tena Harrison presenting to one of the winners, Tiana Grant

Tiana Grant flaunting her button from Button It.

 Kreamy Kurls presenting to Taysha (representing Daryl Petrekin)

 Taysha (representing Daryl Petrekin) shows off button and gift basket.

 Tena Harrison presenting to Danielle Powell.

 Danielle Powell flaunting her button from Button It Ja.

The winners looked so happy and I'm sure the mothers were excited as well. This was quite a surprising and fulfilling experience. I've connected with individuals who love what they do and are passionate about their brand. Firstly, I thank God. Cause trust me did a have nightmare about that idea in my journal. Yes! We did it!

Many thanks to all the individuals who contributed to the success of this giveaway including our contestants, supporters, and sponsors. Much appreciation to Mr. Demola Cunningham for the opportunity to be a part of this activity.

Stay connected with these brand Jamaica entrepreneurs:

Demola Cunningham @buttonitja
Devene Sutherland @houseofdevabandeau
Karrell Bennett @bellascentsja
Tena Harrison @prettylittletingsja
Monique Fitzgerald @fitzgeraldsboutique
Carol Bodoo @madison.accessories
Robert Bennett @relicdesignsandcreations
Dwayne K Smith @dksmithphotoz

Photo credits to Tena Harrison and Demola Cunningham

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