Monday, 28 March 2016

RECAP: Kaluga Kafe| Fashion Month Week 3

In November last year, Adrian Samuda the owner of Kaluga Kafe announced that they would be hosting a Fashion Month which included four weeks of fashion shows to feature and promote Jamaican designers and talents. I found out about this event via Instagram  and told my friend Daltonette Crawford about it and encouraged her to sign up. I missed the first two weeks of the show due to my final exams but definitely had to be there for the third week to support her. She asked me and five other individuals to participate as models for the show which was scheduled for December 19, 2015. On December 17, we met and Daltonette informed us about the time and of what was expected of us for the show.

On December 19, 2015, I arrived at Kaluga Kafe about 7:00 pm for we were told to be there a few hours prior to showtime.  Upon arrival I was greeted by a young lady at the door; she was very courteous and helped me to find my way around.

The show was scheduled to begin at 9:00 pm and all the designers and models were given the VIP room for hair and makeup preparation. During the waiting time, we got familiar with the venue, made some final touches to wardrobe, hair, our walks and, of course, took pictures. The show director gave us the run down on where to start, stop and how to get back to the VIP room. She also highlighted areas on the runway where we should have stopped for photographs and all this was done before the show begun.

 We (Daltonette and Team DeeBeaut) all got ready before 9:00 pm but the show started at about 10:00 pm for all the designers had not arrived. However, once the show started it was up and running.

I was really nervous for this was my first time participating in a fashion show. Luckily, I had a few minutes to get in the frame of mind before going out on the runway.

 On the first photo stop, my heart was beating so fast but I made my way to the platform. Once I returned to the VIP room, I decided I was going to 'kill it' on the second go.

This is me attempting to kill it!

More highlights from team DeeBeaut

Daltonette Crawford and team DeeBeaut on stage.

The event was amazing! I really enjoyed how it was organized and was glad for the opportunity to have met other Jamaican entrepreneurs. I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Samuda and he's such a humble being. I asked him what was the inspiration for the event and he reiterated that it was his passion for talent and brand Jamaica. He said each day he's inspired by the many talented people around him and those he has met and thought it fit to find a way to introduce them to other people thus the idea came alive.

Hats off to Adrian Samuda for doing this and I'm really looking forward to another one this year!

Check out Kaluga Kafe if you're looking for lovely people, amazing food and a great time.

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Happy easter to you and yours!

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