Monday, 21 March 2016

Kurly Feature: Samantha Miller

1. Introduce yourself.
•Helllooo!!! My name is Samantha 'Samijoe' Miller, I'm 18 years of age , I attend the Glenmuir High School and I lovvveee ma 4c Natural Hair hunny!! Lol
2. How long have you been natural?
•I have been Natural all my life 😊

3.Was there anything that influenced you to go or stay natural?
•Tbh, I wanted to texturize my hair when I was in primary school but as I matured I saw the importance of staying true to your roots. Little things like staying natural contributes to that.

4. What do you think about the Natural Hair Movement?
•I'm lovinggggg it hunnyyy!!! Yessss!!! I'm proud of the females making the decision to back  natural. Its a liberating movement which promotes self realization and a healthy lifestyle.

 5. From personal experience, I've heard that natural hair isn't
professional. What are your thoughts?                                                                                                          
• Natural sistas are shape shifters, we can do anything the 'accepted' can do and even more. A simple protective style can fix this 'Unprofessional' issue  cause we going back to flawless afterwards 😉

6. Do you believe that the natural hair movement is a fad?
I don't, because females are going natural almost everyday! Today it may be your sister, next week your best friend . Going natural is a change for the better and persons will never know until they try it.

Early morning bun 

7. What problems do you experience as a natural?
•Sticking to my regime, Maintaining a protective style, and keeping it moisturized at all times.

8. Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it like?
•My hair regime is fairly simple. I cowash (try to) every week and shampoo at the end of the month. After I rinse I apply either coconut oil or olive oil to my scalp and apply the Cantu leave in conditioner to the strands of my hair. Then I lock away my ends with a protective style and Viola....regime complete.

Flat twist and an invisible bun (where the bun at 😁)

9 What would you tell someone who wanted to go natural?
•GO NATURAL!! lol Definitely do it, you won't regret it. Do as much protective styling as possible , moisturize the ends of your hair, recommend oils, recommend products and of course check out Kreamy Kurls guurrrrlll!!!! 😊

10 What would you like to do with/to your hair in the future?
•Thick, Healthy, bra length  Hair definitely.

11 How can people connect with you? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
•Facebook: Samantha Miller
•Instagram: @capillisnativis

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