Monday, 14 March 2016

Hair Tip Monday| 5 Styles with Wire Headbands

Now, I'm sure we've all had our share of bad hair days. Right? Well, I know I have. (chipmunk voice) I remember clearly two weeks ago when my twists don't fully dry and I end up with a undefined fluffy afro and three weeks before that when when I decided to try a new style and it went completely wrong.

Bad hair days; can't avoid them. They are a part of the cycle of life (well, maybe not). If all else fails put it in a bun and throw in accessories!

Speaking of buns and accessories, for today's HTM I'm showing you 5 ways to spice up your style using Wire Headbands. I have found the secret to no more bad hair days and couldn't leave you out.

After much experimenting with headbands from House of Deva Bandeau by Devene Sutherland, I've come up with five fairy simple and cute styles. Check out the video below.

Tip tip whooray!

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