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Review Yo Mada: Luxury Treat Monkey Bananas Hair Butter + Skincare Products

Sidenote: All reviews featuring brand Jamaica products will be marked with the map of Jamaica on the cover image has shown above. So that even if it isn't mentioned in the post: you'll be able to identify Jamaican products specifically.

Product Claims:

  • Revitalize dry and damages hair
  • Prevents baldness and thinning hair
  • Prevents split ends
  • Maintains scalp and helps to restore hair follicles for new hair growth
  • Promotes shiny and healthy looking hair
  • Perfect for all hair types

Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, grade seed oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, sweet almond, fragrance blend and blend of essential oils.

How to use:

Dry or wet application. Apply butter to separated portions onto the scalp and hair. Comb or brush through then either twist out or style as preferred.


I bought this butter at the MUA Essentials Makeup Show last year and let me tell you I love it. It has a light consistency and smells like flowers with a hint of banana. (Oh boy! Flowers and bananas?) It smells divine! It's not a 'I will burn your nose' scent but a light sweet exotic fragrance.When I was wearing mini twists, I stopped using my homemade shea butter mix and used this has my sole sealant.

 I'd spray my hair with water, follow with this butter focusing on the ends, wrap my hair into a bun and then cover the bun with a small bag to help lock in the moisture. Removing the bag and bun the following day my hair was very soft and moisturized. I noticed the scent lasted longer in my hair when used overnight as oppose to if I placed it in my hair same day. I'm not quite sure of why that was so. Nevertheless, when I used it my classmates were obsessed with smelling my hair.

Here I'd been using the product for a few weeks

I used this everyday and it didn't build up. At the end of the day it seemed has though my hair absorbed most of the product. It's a great sealant, did restore dryness and promoted shine. I used it on scalp for a while but can't comment on its follicle restoration benefits or prevention of split ends.

The only con I have is I wished that the smell lasted longer. Once you open the jar the scent hits you but doesn't last long in the hair unless used overnight.

In addition to purchasing the hair butter I received two samples while at Luxury Treat's booth. I received a coffee scrub and the clay mask.

  • Coffee Scrub

Firstly, this smelled like coffee cake. It smelled so good that I was tempted to taste it. FYI, if you get this don't taste it. (Don't ask) I enjoyed using this scrub for it exfoliated my skin excellently. My face felt fresh, smooth and clean. I couldn't believe it. If you know me by now; then you know I sometimes love to test the multi-purpose-ness of a product. This works just has great on the body and lips. It removed dead skin from the lips effortlessly.

 Scrub on my cousin's face


It does tingly while on the skin and when left on too long the sensation will increase to a slight burn. After consulting my friend Tiffony Richards, who is a professional Makeup Artist, she informed me that this was due to the fact that the scrub acted as a slight chemical peel. Now, it didn't burn to the point of scarring but I wouldn't recommend leaving it on for too long or using warm water to rinse it off.

  • Clay Mask
The mask was smooth, went on easily and dried quickly. But the mask didn't do much for me. This was my first time using a clay mask and I expected more but it was simply ok. I was hoping for a deep clean like what I experienced with the scrub but it was alright. My face did feel smooth but not surprisingly smooth. If I had to choose, I'd settle for the scrub any day.

Texture while wet

Texture once spread and allowed to dry

Overall, the products were really good. The butter and scrub being the stars- definitely will repurchase those but no go on the mask. 

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