Monday, 8 February 2016

Hair Tip Monday| Reducing damage on Natural Hair

Wouldn't it be nice if our hair never got damaged? No breakage, no splitting, no nothing. Oh! what joy that would be but damage does happen from time to time. There's no way to absolutely prevent damage, shoot even being outside in the Sun damages our hair. But! There are ways of reducing how often our hair gets damages.

1. Manipulation

Touching, styling, brushing and pinning your hair causes damage to it. Even that one bobby pin you use with one of the protective buds gone at the end tends to pierce the cuticle. So you see we really can't avoid damage all together. 

But, low manipulation can help with that. 

  • Instead of always using your comb first consider finger detangling. Removing as much shed hair that you can and then following with comb.

  • Do low manipulation styles that can last for a few days as oppose to styling daily.

  • Avoid harsh fabrics. You'll hear almost every natural say, "avoid towels: use a t-shirt." I confess sometimes I use a towel to absorb most of the water from my hair because the t-shirt I use isn't thick enough. However, I ensure I check how harsh the fabric used to make the towel is. If I rub it against my skin and it feels incredibly rough I opt to not using it any at all. Towels that have a bit of a smoother texture is what I prefer to use.

2. Dust often

If while you're detangling or styling your hair, you come across a stubborn knot or find a split end- don't try to hold on to that guy. Just snip it off and keep it moving. Click here to read more on dusting and its difference from trimming and cutting.

3. Good accessories

  • Opt for metal-free scrunchies to prevent pulling of your hair.
  • Satin scrunchies are excellent and quite easy to make (if you're into that).
  • Of course! Satin/silk head-scarfs or bonnets to protect your hair at night.
  • Place your head-scarf or bonnet under your pillow so you wont forget to protect your hair.

4. Safe heat styling

  • Deep condition with a moisturizing protein conditioner
  • Use heat protectant
  • Never start on high heat. Start at a low or moderate heat and then increase gradually. 

5. Deep condition. Deep condition. Deep condition. 

Conditioning restores and helps to maintain the elasticity of the hair so that it can stand firm against manipulation thus having a reduced potential for damage.
  • Makes detangling easier
  • Improves manageability
  • Increases softness
Tip tip whooray!

What have you been doing to reduce your damage?
I'd love to hear!

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