Monday, 1 February 2016

Big Chop Beauty: Jodi-Ann Hunter

Hilow gentle people! I was inspired to start this new series called Big Chop Beauties after seeing so many of my classmates (with cream hair/relaxed) cutting off their hair. As such, I asked my friend Jodi if I could feature her; check out our interview.

Introduce yourself

My name is Jodi-Ann Hunter, and I am nineteen years old.  I am currently studying Psychology. I recently became natural since a month and a week ago.  My first relaxer was in high school in third form and in my second year in university I decided to go natural but it did not go as plan (gave in to the relaxer after seven months of transitioning smh). Thus, in my third year of university, I started again (this was in January of this year). And, in April I did my big chop, and then I did a second cut. Thankfully, my hair has been growing fast because I am not really used to short hair lol.

1. When did you realize you were ready to embrace your natural hair?

I decided to embrace my natural hair last year but I failed, so this year when I thought I was about to get a relaxer and was just frustrated with the transitioning process I cut my hair.   I really just wanted to be me naturally instead a product of what society told was beautiful.

2. Why the big chop?

Really I wanted to transition a longer period but I just could not, so I just big chop because I could not wear braids and weaves for transitioning.  So I just decide that it was time to cut off but truthful my big chop was unexpected and so I was not fully mental prepared but I eventually find my natural confidence and rock that hair.

3. Were you a DIY (do it yourself) big chopper or nah?

I did my big chop at home but a week later I went  to the salon to get it cut and shape up.  Therefore, it would grow out in a nice shape.

4. How did you react when it was all gone?

I was like OMG and I was questioning myself saying I was I so impulsive.  But, after I sat in the bathroom for 20 mins and decided that I could make it work.  I did not fall in love with it  immediately but eventually i did come to like it.

5. What has the feedback from your friends and family been like?

The feedback from my friends and family have been somewhat a mix of good and bad comments.  The worst comment I received was from a family member who said that he did not know I had "black hair, bad hair, negro hair", which had kinda destroyed my confidence.  But soon after I came to the understanding that people are always going to find something to say when you change something about yourself.  Because that is what people do, they watch others before they watch themselves.   Therefore, I take every negative comment and just simile at them because if you worry about what others say, you will only drown in their negativity.

6. Any advice for those considering the BC?

For those considering  the BC, just think before you act.  Don't rush to BC and then find yourself wearing a wig or braids the next day because if you're going to BC having the confidence to rock your own hair is the number one rule.  And, just know that people are going to say nasty things about your BC but you have to know yourself and stand tall against hateful comments because this world doesn't not like difference

Anything else you'd like to add?

To be frank, it is a hard process but I have come to appreciate the struggles and challenges that have already come with my “new” hair. Just noted that natural hair is dry, I thought people were joking when they said that but it is TRUE.  But, this can be solved after a few weeks in your big chop with oils.  Oils treatments and aloe vera have personally worked for me as my hair got back it’s naturally softness and its moisture. Though, I do miss my old hair, my natural hair is growing on me and has made me become more confident.   Additionally, I love the thickness and volume of natural hair.   And, it has allowed me to come to the realization that beauty is not what the world defines but what we view as beautiful.   Therefore, I look forward to what is to come and hope that as I continue to go on this journey that many may be encourage to do the same.

7. How can we connect with you? (Social mediums- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)

You can connect with me on Facebook: Yuri Cha Chi Soo

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