Monday, 25 January 2016

Hair Tip Monday| Relocking and Interlocking

Hilow gentle people! Happy new year to you! (But, KK you're late with the new year greetings..) I know! But better late than never right? Of course! I'm getting back into the motions of school and all its glory and so I'm just getting to come back to you guys. But, back to our regular programming (I always wanted to say that). Today's HTM is courtesy of Tashala and she'll be giving some interlocking tips.

1. Avoid using too much bees wax or gels for re-twisting. I'd suggest using jam its a better alternative.

2. Be very careful while relocking/ interlocking your hair for it isn't for everyone. Some persons hair may benefit more from Palm Rolling as oppose to interlocking. Once interlocked when the locs are molded into a style (updo, bun) it can be painful and pulls on the hair. Thus contributing to damage at the root.

Tip Tip Whooray!

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