Friday, 6 November 2015

RECAP| MUA Essentials Makeup Show 2015 + Vlog

Remember I was telling you that I'm making an attempt to attend more social events and face my fears?  I'm calling this the social journey of an introvert and will be taking you along with me ;)

Last month I went to my first makeup show here in Jamaica and I found out about it via social media. The event was held at Knutsford Court Hotel on Sunday, October 4, 2015 and it was being hosted by MUA Essentials. MUA Essentials is a cosmetic store where you can get the necessary items for your kit if you're a makeup artist or simply a makeup lover. I am not a makeup person (you know this already pssh) but I wanted to go. So I reached out to my friend Tiffony from MsVchiles Makeup to go with me. And got my brother to come along as well. Then the countdown began and I started to get nervously excited as the days went by.

We left (brother and I) and journeyed to Kingston to meet up with Tiffony and got to the event about 1:30 pm. However, the show had started from 10:00 am and was scheduled to end at 7:00 pm. There was an admission fee of $700.00 dollars and a discount for students with IDs which I thought was a great idea. Remind me to never rush out and leave my ID on the dresser ever again. But anyways, inside the music was pumping and lots of booths were on display. Tiffony and I visited most of the booths and it was an amazing opportunity to speak with some of the owners from the various companies. There was a nice sense of intimacy present at the event. Also I met a fellow Youtuber/Makeup Artist and that was cool too.

There was makeup everywhere! Like DUH. Many of the makeup artists present were 'beating' faces and just doing their thing. But what I enjoyed the most was seeing how special effects makeup was done. Talented people in these streets enuh! I also loved the fact that they had a variety of companies/booths with skin care, swimwear, hair accessories, jewelry and there were two schools present as well. That was genius for I promise you I started getting bored after the fourth booth of makeup.

I was chatting it up with some ladies and then wandered over to Carib Scene Cosmetics which I saw in the corner of my eye. It's a lipstick company here in JA and I met the owner Jade who was so sweet. One of her teammates picked out a shade for me called Exquisite Travian which I really didn't want to get because it was red but fell in love with immediately after Jade put it on me.

 Jade from Caribscene and I       
The runway show started a few minutes after and all work that the artists did during the event was shown. Bridal makeup and special effects were the main focus. The work was outstanding but some of the special effects needed more structure from my point of view. D'Marie School of Makeup Artistry literally took the spotlight for most of the event.

The last booth I visited was Luxury Treat which is a natural skin care company owned by Simone Stew. I knew her through instagram but met her in person for the first time at the event. Such a humble woman. I purchased her Hair Butter in the scent Monkey Bananas and got a sample of her clay mask and coffee body scrub.

Tiffony (left), Simone from Luxury Treat (middle) and myself

I had expected the event to be much bigger; nevertheless, there was still a good turn out. I was; however, disappointed that only a few of the booths had good deals on their products. Paying admission and then having regular store prices at some booths really didn't leave any room for a sale.

Overall, it was a great event and I had fun. I'm looking forward to what they'll do for the next one. Hopefully, this can become the 'BeautyCon of Jamaica.' I'd love to see even more collaboration where they get local designers to participate in the runway show and consider collabing with bloggers/vloggers to help make the event an even greater success. Nevertheless, hats off to MUA Essentials!

For more pictures from the event see here and catch my vlog of the event.

Peace and blessings

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