Monday, 30 November 2015

Hair Tip Monday| Preventing conditioner build up on Locs

Greetings! *waves* I'm Gabrielle. My loc journey began on May 15, 2014 with loc extensions. I removed the extensions in December of the same year.  My loc journey has been a pretty strange one. I’ve gotten advice from just about everyone and their mama! Over time, I’ve learned to listen to the advice and tailor it to suit my needs. I loc my hair with a safety pin for example and I’ve gotten horrified looks when I tell persons that. But hey, it works for me

My routine is pretty simple: Shampoo + conditioner twice a month, conditioner and apple cider vinegar (ACV) for the other two (I wash my hair every two weeks as going beyond this can leads to my skin breaking out.)  For the ACV wash, I spritz my hair with a mixture of ACV and water until it is damp. I’ll allow it to dry if I’ll be washing it the next day.

Now for today's tip we're talking about conditioning locs. There's debate on whether or not one should condition their locs due to the fact that the conditioner tends to build up on the hair. But, I'm going to share a quick tip I found that will allow us loc sistas to reap conditioning goodness without the buildup.

After careful research, and by research I mean YouTube, I've found that using a lot of conditioner isn't a good idea as it can be quite hard to get out of locs. As well as cause them ​to frizz or unravel in some cases. However, professional loctians, when using conditioner tend to dilute it. This can be quite helpful in reducing build-up/lint.

Thank you to Gabrielle for assisting with today's HTM. I've been getting some requests for Loc tips so I'll be doing my best to share from some of my loc-sistas. 
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