Monday, 2 November 2015

Hair Tip Monday| No Fuss Hair Colour for Natural Hair

I love hair colour but I'm a non-committer. I've got fine strands that split easily and I ain't about that extra extra tender, love and care for bleached strands. Let's face it I'm a lazy natural and a non-committer to colour. There, I said it! But that doesn't mean I can't still play around with it.

I was having a discussion with one of my online frennies, who had gorgeous red hair (she changed to green and now back to black.. for now). I was telling her about my split end woes but my love for colour and she recommended Jerome Russell temporary hair sprays. I got the spray back in August in the colour dark blonde. If you follow me on instagram   (watcha waiting on to link me on ig) you would have seen me messing around with it for the last 2 months. So, in today's HTM I'll be showing you how to achieve colour without the commitment.

What you'll need:

  • Jerome Russell temp'ry spray (colour of choice)
  • Sheet of paper
  • Mirror
  • Towel

1. Decide where you'd like to have your colour, then go ahead and section your hair if you need to. I'm doing this on twists and I want the colour to be coming down from the crown so I brought my twists forward.

2. Using your sheet of paper, place it in areas that you don't want to spray to catch. Such as your eyes or skin. I used my sheet to protect my eyes and forehead. 

3. Now that you have your face protected: hold the spray a few inches away from yourself.

4-5. Spray short bursts onto your hair ans rotate your head where you want more or less concentration. 

6. Check with your mirror and adjust the colour if necessary. If some areas are a bit too bright, run your fingers down the strands a few times until you are comfortable with how it looks.

7. Then whip your hair back and forth. Cause of course you're up with the colour life but without any commitment. 

Tip tip whooray!

Here are some more pictures with my dark blonde-ness and look out for a review of this as well. Shout out my friend Elvy for helping me out with the pictures for today's HTM. Check out her hair update from loose hair to locs here

Have you tried this spray before? 
If you have colour treated hair what are some tips that help you to keep your hair healthy?

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