Monday, 26 October 2015

Hair Tip Monday| Benefits of Cowashing Your Hair

Cowashing  also know as conditioner washing or no shampooing method, refers to cleaning your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo.

Natural hair has a nature of being dry because the natural oils on the scalp have a bit of difficulty making its way down the hair shaft due to its kinky curly structure. And to make matters worse shampooing literally deprives our scalp of these moisturizing oils.

Many 'cowashers' with natural or relaxed hair rave about how cowashing helps to clean their scalps and keep the hair moisturized. So let's look at the advantages of doing this.

Benefits of Cowashing:

1. Cowashing provides great conditioning with mild cleansing.

2. Working conditioner from root to tip helps to transport the natural oil down the shaft helping to incorporate even more moisture.

3. It softens your hair. Ugh! There's nothing great about dry brittle hair. Great thing about cowashing is it adds softness and helps with easy detangling.

4. Moisturizes tresses

5. Eliminates some of the chemicals used on your hair. Eg. Sulfates

Halt! Before you go cowashing crazy. Note that doing it in excess can contribute to buildup on the scalp and hair. Which makes your dull: so an alternating shampoo session is good.

I used to cowashing a lot. When I was still transitioning, I was cowashing for 7 weeks straight and then the 8th week I'd shampoo. But that was before university when I had more free time (those were the days). My routine then went to washing once a month and I incorporated cowashing into my shampoo routine. I'd deep condition to help with detangling, followed with shampoo and then cowashed after. But these days I don't do much of it. My routine is so simple these days especially with my limited time. Now I just deep condition, shampoo, moisturize and seal. Viola! Finir!

Do you cowash? What's your favourite cowashing conditioner?

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