Monday, 12 October 2015

Hair Tip Monday| 7 Length Retention Tips for your Natural Hair

I get asked frequently what I've done to grow my hair, what products have contributed to my growth and how they can grow theirs. It's just a few simple practices I tell them and that hair grows everyday but retaining the length is the issue. Today, I have 7 length retention tips that have helped me throughout my transitioning journey and now on my natural journey.

1. Protective styling
These styles are those that keep the hair, especially the ends, protected. Tucking away your ends in a protective style like buns or braids can serve added insurance of retaining length. As your ends are hidden and aren't being rubbed off on your clothing or exposed to damage.

2. Deep conditioning
Oh how I love conditioners! But that's not what we're talking about today. Deep conditioning ensures your hair gets the adequate moisture and strength it needs to protect it from damage from manipulation by styling or the elements such as sunlight or the wind. Sun damage is real, click here to read more.

3. Dusting/Trimming
But KK, isn't this counter-productive?
Dusting or trimming your ends removes split ends and knots which have the potential to cause further damage. The less damage, the less you'll need to trim and that then gives your hair a great possibility of retaining its length.

4. Low heat styling
Excessive use of heat dries out the strands which can cause breakage and split ends. This is turn makes the hair dry, limp and weak. Now, by no means am I telling you to get rid of heat completely; however, use in moderation. Once a month? Once every two months? Whichever is most convenient to you. Hey! You want to switch it up sometimes; I know! But you can also consider heatless options like a ponytail rollerset.

5. Moisturizing in between washes
If you wash your hair once every two weeks or once a month if in a protective style like I do, you know the dryness that haunts your ends by the beginning of the second week. Keeping your ends moisturized is important to lessen damage that could lead to breakage and the developing of split ends.

6. Sleeping with a satin/silk tie head (scarf)
Satin or silk tie-heads (scarves) are much more gentle on the hair as oppose to cotton ones that cause friction against the hair and suck the moisture from the hair.

7. Baggying method
I love this little trick for when my ends are incredibly thirsty. Mist with some water, massage some shea butter over my strands and place my ends into a small bag and leave it overnight. Amazing! This helps to restore dehydrated ends and locks in the moisture. Moisturized ends = less breakage = greater length retention.

So, it's actually 8

8. Take vitamins for your health
I'm not a fan of popping pills for hair growth but seeing that your hair and nails are the last to receive nutrients the extra nutrients provided added assistance. Your hair needs nutrients to grow and if you're anemic like myself you need the extra supplements. Of course you can't talk about supplements without talking about water. Stay hydrated!

What tips have helped you to retain length? Do share in the comments

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