Monday, 14 September 2015

Hair Tip Monday| Twisting on Wet or Blow-dried Hair, which is better?

Have you ever thought about doing your own twists but couldn't decide if you wanted to do it on wet hair or dry stretched hair?

Well, I got you! I've done my hair in mini twists about 3 times since natural as such I've made a comparison of both techniques.

Twists on wet hair:
1. Springy twists.  If you do your twists on wet or damp hair you will experience shrinkage but it's because of this shrinkage that the twists will have more bounce/spring especially when you tug on it.

2. They older they get the better they look. At 4 weeks of wearing my hair in these twists it appeared has though they were freshly installed/done. 

3. Easy take down with little knots. There isn't as much temptation to borrow strands from one end to add to another to even out the ends as you can simply twirl the ends and they'll coil/curl together helping twists not to unravel. 

4. Finger coils at the ends stay in tact

5. Doesn't unravel easily.

6. Lots of volume when twisted

Twists on blow dried/stretched hair 
1.  More length. Whether you decide to blow dry or stretch your hair without heat more of your hair's length will be revealed and of course that means more hang time for your twists.

2. Not springy/bouncy. Due to the hair already being elongated there tends to be little spring/bounce once you tug on the end. It's already stretched so little bounce will happen.

3. Fuzzy twists. Unlike twists on wet hair that get better with age, twists on stretched hair gets fuzzy/frizzy rather quickly. 

4. Easy take down; however, with a few knots. Do note this may not necessarily happen for everyone; however, from my experience when doing twists on stretched hair I am always tempted to borrow pieces from one to add to the other. Normally, where that 'borrowing' happens a knot begins to form (a factor may also be how long the twists are in for. I tend to wear mine for at least 2 months).

5. Finger coils at the ends don't stay in tact. 

6. Unravels easily. As a result you may end up re-twisting little sections where the twists have come loose. 

7. Lots of volume when twisted

How do you like your twists? Mini or Chunky?
Let me know in the comments.