Monday, 28 September 2015

Hair Tip Monday: Types of split ends and what they mean

What is a split end?

A split occurs when the hair-shaft strips or frays. This can happen for various reasons such as use of excessive heat, improper detangling and chemical processes. "They happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers."

Causes of split ends:

1. Climate
2. Poor detangling
3. Poor protein-moisture balance
4. Using dull scissors to dust/cut hair
5. Improper care of chemically processed hair (hair treated, relaxed)
6. Metal bonded scrunchies
7. Excessive brushing with hard brushes

Here's video that highlights all 16 types of split ends and what they mean

 After stretching my hair by doing the heatless blowout method, I decided to do some mini twists. It took me an entire week (yes 1 week usually 4 day is the maximum) but it took that long because I was doing the search and destroy method to get rid of my damaged ends. I was so surprised with how much split ends I had. From the display above I had a lot of tree splits, long, taper, deep, baby and incomplete splits. I'd attribute my splits to the use of dull scissors, poor detangling and waiting too long to get a trim. I've seriously considering carrying a hair scissors in my bag so that once I find one- snip and be gone!

The video above was so helpful to me and hopefully it will be to you as well. Next week we'll discuss how to identify if you have splits.

Let's chat. Have you found any of these splits in your hair?

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