Monday, 7 September 2015

Hair Tip Monday: Heatless Blowout on Natural Hair

Do you want to achieve a blowout but without using any heat? No worries, I got you!

Things you'll need:
Scrunchies/ rubber bands
Styling product of choice (I used Shea Butter)
Prong clips
Rollers (size may vary with your hair's density)

1. Starting on freshly washed hair (I had already added the shea butter to all my sections), place hair into workable sections. I put my hair into 4 sections.

2. Take one of your three sections and divide it into two halves. Using your scrunchy or band (I used rubber bands soaked in oil- lubricating them helps to lessen breakage) and secure it at the root.

3. Still on that section we just put in a ponytail, split the end (ponytail) into two and pin the other half out of the way. Proceed to place the setter (roller) on top of the hair, roll towards the scalp and smooth has you go upward. Rolling upward towards the scalp stretches the hair more as oppose to traditionally rolling under and towards the scalp. Then used a prong clip, secure it at the root. For the rollers/setters I used medium (pink) and large (orange) ones.

4. Better visualization below. One ponytail and it was divided into two. So on one ponytail there will have two rollers. I continued doing this until I was finished. I had a total of 8 sections and 16 rollers in my head.

5. Allow it to air-dry. (I don't recommend sleeping in this, it was horrible and ended up giving me a headache.) Once dry, remove rollers and scrunchies/rubber bands.

6. Now the final step is to detangle the rollerset. This is what is going to give the blowout look. Lightly mist each section with water and gently detangle all your sections.

7. Here's a look at how it will look after detangling.

8. Results! 

You can now use this as the base to doing a protective style or simply wear it as is.
Power to the afro!

I've been doing this method lately and I love it. With this method I've cut down on using heat on my hair too often and I receive great results. I prefer this to using my dryer and I never got these results while using it. 

What techniques have you tried to stretch your hair and which seems to work best for you? Have you tried this method?

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