Monday, 31 August 2015

Hair Tip Monday: 8 benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Could argan oil kick olive oil to the curve?

This probably isn't the first time you've heard about argan oil and if it were a person and you were asked, "What adjective would you use to describe him?" (yes I said him)  You'd exclaim, "Extraordinary"

Argan trees, native to Morocco produce berries that the argan oil is extracted from. These berries while they are young resemble olives but once ripened; harden and turn a deep brown colour. Argan trees are rare and the plant's longivity is estimated at 100-200 years. Berber women of Morocco who use the traditional method of extraction endure a tedious task to retrieve the rich oil from cracking the shell and nut to remove the kernel. Then it's ground, molded and squeezed to retrieve the oil. After all the hard work one is left with a stupendous oil rich in fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamin E.

Fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 encourage cell production and blood circulation which is great for the follicles. Additionally, they aid scalp absorption and reduce stress which can ultimately lessen or eliminate hair loss. Mineral salts play a key role in skin's function and health. While vitamin E also assists with circulation, adds luster and protection. These components are packed neatly within Argan oil making it a power product.

Other benefits:

Fights dandruff
Treats dry scalp
Prevents hair loss
Repairs follicles
Hair softner
Shine booster
Prevents split ends
Serves as heat protectant

Heals Acne
Natural toner
Reduces wrinkles
Prevents stretch marks
Repair brittle cuticles

You may consider reaping some of the benefits of Argan oil whether by using it purely or checking for it in your product ingredient list. The first time I tried Argan oil was from using the Jocie ArgMac Organic Argan & Macadamia Oils Moisturizing Deep Conditioner & Leave-in and it was amazing. I use this product when my hair needs to extra love and care. Click the link above for my review and demo.

Have you tried argan oil? If not, what other oils have you tried?

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