Monday, 15 June 2015

Hair Tip Monday: Choosing the right detangling tool

We all have to detangle our hair. Whether it is you choose to ditch the tools and use your fingers or stick with a comb and/or brush. The truth is you still have to do it and if you choose to use a tool; having the right one is very important to your hair's health. One general rule when choosing a detangling tool such as a comb, look for one with little to no seams. Imagine stitching two pieces of fabric together; where the garment is attached that is what is considered the seam. Now many combs are made this way as well and you can find lines at the back or in between the teeth of your comb. These combs with seams tend to pull on hair strands causing breakage.  

Below I have listed pros and cons on the tools displayed above. I have used most of the tools pictured expect the tangle teezer and the hercules comb.

1. Rake comb

  • Detangles large sections of hair very well
  • Has large teeth that allow easy access to root/s for effective detangling
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cuts down detangling time
  • Works well on natural and relaxed hair
  • May leave behind some shed hair
2. Denman brush

  • Works well on natural and relaxed hair
  • Defines curl pattern (that is if your hair does have a specific curl/pattern)
  • Following with this after detangling with a rake or wide teeth comb removes practically all shed hair.
  • Good straightening brush when blow drying or using chase method while flat ironing.
  • Detangling may take longer because it can't go through large sections.
  • Teeth of brush can be stiff thus pulling out hair. (especially if it has not been modified- removing some the teeth from brush)
  • Not good for detangling dry unstretched hair.
3. Paddle brush
  • Smooths hair
  • Great for detangling wet hair or while blow drying (That is looser textures: from my experience it doesn't work well on tight coils)
  • Reduces frizz
  • Has flexible teeth for gentle detangling (That is looser textures: from my experience it doesn't work well on tight coils)
  • Not very durable for the balls at the end of the bristles easily fall off. When this happens it tends to snag or pull out hair.
4. Tangle teezer

  • Has flexible teeth that moves with hair
  • Provides curl definition
  • Fits well into the hand
  • Breakage/Split ends- there's a love/hate relationship with the tangle teezer for many persons who used it said they experienced breakage and it created split ends in their hair.
5. Wide teeth comb

  • Passes easily through hair
  • Can detangle large sections
  • Cuts down detangling time

  • May leave behind some shed hair

6. Hercules sageman magic star comb

  • Great for kinky/curly hair
  • Doesn't make any seams that would normally snag/ pull the hair
  • Detangles large sections
  • Anti-static (lessens frizz)
  • A bit pricey
Ultimately, finding the right tool for your hair is just like finding products. It is a trial and error process. Hopefully, what I have listed above will help you to choose the right tool for your hair needs. My favourite tools are the wide teeth comb and the rake comb.

If you have a favourite tool comment below and do tell you experience.

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