Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Kurly Feature Update: Elvy Soltau

Hey guys Elvy here! Do you remember my feature about a year ago? I'm here to give you an update on my journey thus far.

“Elvy, your hair is so pretty!” The words soaked deeply into my mind because I dreamt of the day someone would admire my hair just like how I admire others.  I have young locs, and yes yes yes!

I am in love. I started my loc’d journey eleven (11) months ago; it has been simply amazing.
I wanted to loc my hair from I was in the ninth grade but I was afraid I wouldn’t keep it. After much thought, frustration and suggestions from friends, I finally decided to make the commitment. I finally decided to do it because I really wanted to try something new and I was lazy.

In the beginning it just looked like regularly twist and my friends kept saying that I would pull it out, yeah (because I’m known for my lack of commitment). It slowly began to take form and with much patience I watched it transformed. Whenever I look at my hair; I see the many possibilities rather than the twist that it really is. I want it to be adorable, thick and flowing so I’m giving it my all. Before locs, 90% of the time my hair was caught in one and getting little to no care.

Now, OMG! I use Apple cider vinegar, eggs, castor oil and several other products to boost growth. I have bleached, braided and styled my locs.  I have also lost a few strands; they fell out because they were too thin or I pressured them with styling from braids. The first time I bleached my hair, I rinsed it with the red food coloring; it gave me a dark red but it didn't stay long in the hair and messed up pillow cases, blouses and even the wall.

My goal is to have my locs at tailbone length. I want the length so that I can try some the gorgeous styles I see on facebook and Instagram.
I have so much I would like to say about my hair…. But long story short it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I love it! Now, I patiently await growth.

Next year this time another update.

What fun and new things have you done with your hair?
Tell me about it

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