Monday, 4 May 2015

Kurly Feature: Daltonette Crawford

1. Introduce yourself.
Bonjour! Je mapelle Daltonette Crawford. J'ai vingt ans. :) Just practicing some French for an exam. I'm a Medical Technology student who enjoys the art of fashion, music and dance.

2.How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for 7 months a a couple days

3 Was there anything that influenced you to go or stay natural?
Yes,  I honestly didn't appreciate relaxers anymore, and I knew my hair wasn't at its best( health wise). I have really thick hair which is why I relaxed my hair, but after venturing in the world of YouTube and seeing how persons managed their natural hair, I was inspired, and with the support of my friends and family who said they'd love me either way, I gave it a try.

4 What do you think about the Natural Hair Movement?
The movement is very educational, and as a result, I've learnt alot and have erased many ignorant statements that I had adapted from the society. I hope it expands, because some persons grow up not being able to appreciate their natural hair because society thinks it's this or it's that and so they don't get to embrace it, most times out of fear from being rejected. But if the society knows proper techniques and care and history etc, then they would appreciate natural hair, whichever texture it may be.

5 From personal experience, I've heard that natural hair isn't professional. What are your thoughts?
Well , No hair type should be singled out as unprofessional, that's ridiculous.. Is there a word for hair racism? It doesn't matter what texture hair, if its not properly groomed for your area of the professional world then that's just that. But if it is..then what's the deal? When am in the lab, my hair can't be let loose all over the place, with or without braids, it has to be neatly tucked away. So as long as its appropriate, that should be fine.

6  Do you believe that the natural hair movement is a fad?
Fad? No seems real to me. And if I and the many others that embrace natural hair are passionate about it, if its not demolished from our hearts it will continue, no matter how small or how big it is.

7 What problems do you experience as a natural?
My problem with my hair is just the TWA stage that it is in. I do not have the time to style my hair sometimes, and if I go to sleep with an afro, even with a satin bonnet, I still have to struggle to style my hair in the mornings, especially when I'm in a rush, so that's my main problem. Its time consuming.

8 Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it like?
Sundays are usually my wash days. I use a conditioner, shampoo sometimes or use an apple cider solution every now and then to cleanse my hair. Then I use conditioner, leave it for a while, rinse. Then I put homemade aloe vera gel in and steam my hair under a cap then rinse.  I air dry and then add castor oil to my scalp. I try to do a style that can last they entire week. During the week I spray water/ rosemary water on my hair to give it some life and then just add a mixture of olive oil and castor oil then style as desired..that's it.

9 What would you tell someone who wanted to go natural?
Do some research, and ask questions about natural hair, not run with  one source, but compare and see what works for you. Do not be afraid of shrinkage, embrace it and work with it, do not buy a bunch of unnecessary products for styling just focus on knowing your hair and keeping it healthy.

10 What would you like to do with/to your hair in the future?
Well I plan to be natural for the reminder of my life, Ill be doing a few protective styles such as wearing braids, with some vibrant colours,  for the summer holiday. :)

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