Friday, 22 May 2015

Blog Renovation Fridays: How to remove shadow borders from photos


It's coming down to the blog's third birthday and in preparation for this extravagant celebration I've been working on some redecorating. If you've been with me for a while you would have noticed a few changes such as the header and social media icons and brand new BRF badge. Which I did myself if I might add; it's been fun and I'm learning lots of tips and tricks.

Recently, I learned how to remove shadow borders from images in your content area and side bar and have decided to share. This does include a bit of coding but it's very quick and simple.

Pictured below is an image I took for my Do Yo Own: Aloe Vera Gel and has you can see there is a border surrounding the image. Now this may not be a such a big deal but with the border, the image tends to appear as though it is sitting on top of your blog/content area instead of seamlessly blending in.

1. To begin, log into your blog and on the left of your side panel click on template. Once you have selected that there will be a customize button for your blog; go ahead and click it.

2. After you have selected the customize button you will be taken to your blog and shown the following options on the bottom left. Click advanced and then add css ( this is the language used to define the look and format of your blog/ website)

3. There will now be a blank box, type the highlighted code (type the same way as pictured) and then select apply to blog

4. Refresh your blog and you should see that the border/s have been removed from all images in your content area and side bar. 

Wasn't so hard after all huh? While I learn I will share with you. 


Happy blogging 

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