Monday, 27 April 2015

Review Yo Mada: Hair Skin Love Jamaica

Hair Skin Love Jamaica is a mobile organisation that provides hands on education on various essential hair care practices for those who have difficulty in gaining these skills independently. "We believe that excellent quality products are essential in achieving these skills, therefore we exclusively use a Jamaican all natural hair product line, Ettenio. Some of these practices include effective cleansing, deep conditioning, trimming, detangling, and styling with one's unique porosity type to guide these processes."

We focus on teaching our clients the skills we have learned over the years so they can take better care of their hair and skin. Through this system of education we fill a gap in Jamaican society as women and men will be able to make judgments based on a fuller understanding of what their hair and skin needs and responds to.

Services Offered:
Protective and Low maintenance styles for all types of hair are the main styles we offer.

  • Wash and Go’s
  • Marley Braids
  • Twists
  • Twist Outs
  • Flexi Rod Sets
  • Cold Wave Rod Sets
  • Cane Row
  • Flat twists
  • Plaits


This company had reached out to me re: collaboration and I met these lovely ladies on Valentine's Day at Nicole's Beauty and Barber Supplies during their in-store promotion. Mrs. Georgina Johnson-Jones (pictured on the right) greeted me and she was very sweet and welcoming. Soon after I met Miss Joni Williams and realized we were total strangers for we had conversed before via email some time before. My visit started out with a hair and skin consultation done by Joni Williams where she asked me about my lifestyle and hair/skin regimen. Let me tell you after speaking with her I noticed I'm not as healthy as I could be. She provided tips to improve my skin's quality and suggested a diy toner from lemongrass. Which was great since I'm that type of girl. Following the consultation, I got my hair styled by Georgina Johnson-Jones and she was so gentle. I'm a bit afraid of my hair (understatement) plus I have a tender scalp so I was impressed that she handled my hair with such care. I entirely appreciated the competence held by both ladies on skin and hair care and the harmonious connection between them both. It was really comforting being among them and they did a wonderful job facilitating that energy.
     Hair and skin consultation with Joni.  

Getting my hair styled by Georgina. She called this a Textured Updo

This review is sponsored; however, I was not paid to do this review. These are my own honest thoughts and opinions.

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