Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kurly Feature: Danielle Little

1. Introduce yourself.
Hiya, my name is Danielle Little. I'm 18 and currently in my second year of university pursuing my degree in Food Service Management.

2. How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for about 1 year and 7 months.

3. Was there anything that influenced you to go or stay natural?
In high school my hair was relaxed and lovely but when I left high school during that summer, I paid 0 attention to it. It was tangled, dry and obviously damaged.  A comb would not comb that out so I went straight to the barber.

4. What do you think about the Natural Hair Movement?
The natural movement...shouldn't even be a movement in my opinion but right now I think its great to show the young people how special and unique their hair is.

5. From personal experience, I've heard that natural hair isn't
professional. What are your thoughts?
People saying that the natural hair isn't professional are very close minded. The natural hair can be put into styles that look professional and decent for any occasion.

6.  Do you believe that the natural hair movement is a fad?
Natural hair is not a fad.  It is a part of our biology and the natural hair never left. It is just that more women are realizing how beautiful the natural hair is and going back to their own roots.

7. What problems do you experience as a natural?
The only problems I experience with my hair is having a head filled with single strand knots. I try to control it, but they just keep coming.

8. Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it like?
My hair regime is using the LOC method every three days. Alternate between shampoo washing and co washing on Saturday ls.

9. What would you tell someone who wanted to go natural?
I'd tell someone that wanted to go natural, be patient and always moisturize.

10. What would you like to do with/to your hair in the future?
What I'd
like to do to my hair in the future?  Well I've already done that,  created a mohawk (lol) . I only plan to constantly try out new colors.

11. Stay connect with Danielle on:
Instagram: @daniellelittle_
Facebook,  Danielle Little.

Thank you :)