Sunday, 11 January 2015

Kurly Feature: Trae

1 How long have you been natural?
A: Well I got my first relaxer at age 13 and it continued for 3 years and some months. So I would say I've been natural for 21 years of my life.

2 Was there anything that influenced you to go or stay natural?
A: my untreated hair was damaged by the relaxer so that may have contributed to my decision but I can't think of any reason stronger than "because I wanted to."

3 What do you think about the Natural Hair Movement?
A: I think its great that black woman are finding empowerment through something that society had them believe for so many years was a problem.

4 From personal experience, I've heard that natural hair isn't
professional. What are your thoughts?
A: I have no experience with the corporate world but I remember a classmate being told by a teacher with natural hair that Bantu knots were not suitable for school. I think it has been drilled so deeply in our heads what is acceptable and what is not that it is hard to break out of it and think differently. I don't believe it is the texture of the hair itself that's considered unprofessional so much as it might be the hairstyle. I personally prefer a neatly combed hair but I see nothing wrong with a gorgeous twist or braids out for work. Some might disagree, I guess.

5  Do you believe that the natural hair movement is a fad?
A: I think there are many that are serious about it who have felt some form of  freedom having made that decision but there are those who are just hopping on the bandwagon because natural hair is "in." I don't knock anybody's decision though, its your hair.

6 What problems do you experience as a natural?
A: besides people suggesting that I relax my hair when I returned natural, nothing. Maybe that I keep losing my hair pins lol.

7 Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it like?
A: I always tell people that my regimen includes castor oil and mostly prayer lol. My regimen is altered slightly depending on my hairstyle but I try my best to moisturize and oil my scalp everyday or every other day (depending on the hairstyle). I use both LOC and LCO methods. I shampoo every other week but Cowash every week (sometimes every few days if I'm doing twist outs). I deep condition with every wash and a moisture and protein treatment at least once a month.  I only use heat to heat up my plastic cap/bag when I'm colouring or d/c-ing. I am not a product junkie. Cantu Shea butter had worked for me from the get go and is my favorite product. Others include jbco esp with lavender oil, olive oil, homemade coconut oil (which my grandmother makes perfectly), eco styler olive oil gel. I recently added biotin hair, skin and nail vitamins to my regimen. My regimen also includes drinking a lot of water daily.

8 What would you tell someone who wanted to go natural?
A: research, listen to your hair and find what works for you, have fun with each stage of your hair and most of all...have patience! Consistency is key.

9 What would you like to do with your hair in the future?
A: Let it grooow! Let is groooow! (let it go...Disney's Frozen reference lol...don't mind me). I wouldn't do a thing to change my texture (except try a flat iron every few years). I'll still be having fun with colour and trying new hairstyles and just loving my big beautiful hair.

9 How can people connect with you? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
A: IG:@traeateina