Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review Yo Mada: Ettenio Moisture Infusion Deep Penetrating Conditioner Review

Local hair products are on the rise, all natural and organic, made right here in Jamaica. Ettenio is one of them and I am very excited to share with you one of my favourites from their line.


♥ 80Z jar container (easy access to product)
♥ PH balanced 4-4.5
♥ For relaxed and natural hair (stated on the label)
♥ Thick consistency (no mess, no spilling)
♥ Mild wheaty fragrance
♥ COST ranges from $1300-$1730

Ettenio Moisture Infusion is a deep penetrating moisture conditioner that is formulated to infuse very dry, brittle, damaged hair with moisture packed emollients. Penetrating Coconut and Avocado oils team up with ceramide rich Wheat Germ oil to provide deep moisture penetration. Castor oil cleans the scalp of impurities, while Honey, Aloe and botanical extracts gives a soothing infusion to each strand.

I did an overnight deep conditioning treatment, rinsed my hair the following morning with just water. My hair felt soft and smooth, well moisturized. The product lived up to its name- infused moisture! I was so impressed, but to make a firm decision I used it several times after and the results were the same. My hair was moisturized for days. So now I am sold, I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is the

The Moisture Infusion was, is and will always be a great buy. Value for money so the next time you are shopping for hair products and you spot Ettenio's Moisture Infusion, step on the brakes, pick it up, then proceed. Your hair will thank you.

Product review courtesy of my friend Aneesha aka Jamaicankinks
Check her out on IG @jamaicankinks