Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hair Update

Crawls in slowly* Hey guys! I know I know- yes I am guilty of not showing you all what's been going on with my hair. It recently came to me that I didn't even let you all know that I finished transitioning- atleast I didn't see any update of that while going through my posts.

Ended Transition to Natural hair on January 2, 2014
It was difficult to differentiate between the relaxed ends and the back of my hair that is a lot looser. My last relaxer was February 23, 2010 and I transitioned or grew out the relaxer for 3+ years.

Length after cutting off the relaxed ends:

Length in July:
I was having a lot of split ends due to slacking on the maintenance of my end (clipping them). I was trying to go my hair back to waist length (so I was like na huh no regular trims -_-) and my health also played a role in this. I had a total of 5 trim between January and July. Regular upkeep of the ends will prevent having to do major trims.

Loving me some curlformers:
Image below (bottom left) is from using my first set of knock off curlformers; however, they were very short. I had gotten the Vakind curlformers (curlformers) pictured on the right. A total of 40 come in the pack but you know I have a big head so I need some more. I have experimented with mousses and a homemade gel- I had received 3 day curls with the gel in comparison to curls only lasting for a few hours from the mousse/s.

Straight Hair:
Flat ironed my hair in mid August but it started puffing up (reverted) in a few hours. I wore it in plaits for about a week to keep it straight. Cooler months may provide a longer styling time hopefully. I did 1-2 passes on varying sections; passing the flat iron fairly slow helps to reduce going over the section. My ends were still a bit puffy but I believe it's relatable to temperature and styling product. For my looser textures the ends were smooth (using at low temperature) while my coarser/tighter texture temperature had to be increased. Heat protectant was Tresemme thermal protection spray and used the Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 inch flat iron.

 Mini Twists:
Pictured on the left are mini twists I recently did on blow dried hair as oppose to the opposite. I gave myself some layers which you can see better on stretched hair. From front to back it goes from face framing to volume in the middle and length at back. Picture on the right are twists after my transition chop.

Experimenting with colour:

Okaay! Gurrrllllll! I've been experimenting with eyeshadow. I dont even wear makeup but have a makeup kit and thought hey why not. I saw this trick first from mahoganycurls and decided to try. I lasts longer than chalk which I had also done. I do apply a little oil to my ends before I do this because I think it's going to dry out my hair.

You've been updated!
What have you done lately with your hair? I'd love to hear
Happy updating!