Friday, 6 June 2014

Kurly Feature: Tiffany

1. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for one year but I have only been growing my hair out for 9 months. This is my second time returning to my natural state. I am more educated now on my hair and its health than I was the first go round.

2. Was there anything that influenced you to go or stay natural? I think what influenced me the most was seeing other naturals and hearing them talk about it. Plus, my hair was badly damaged from relaxers. So I read up on natural hair how to transition. I end up doing the big chop and I loved it. I have chosen to stay natural because I have learned how to take care of my hair. I know now for my 4b/4c hair that less is best.

 3. What do you think about the Natural Hair Movement? I think the Natural Hair Movement is an excellent thing. I believe a lot of women of color have seen for so long that straight hair was pushed on them from previous generation until they started to embrace their God given hair. I feel once you embrace your God given hair you learn to love yourself within and know that it doesn't matter how straight your hair is or how kinky curly it is, it's you that makes you. Love yourself and embrace it your natural God given beauty.

 4. From personal experience, I've heard that natural hair isn't professional. What are your thoughts? I believe that natural hair is professional no matter what stage you are in or how you choose to wear. I think that this just another statistic to keep minorities from embracing themselves and appreciating oneself.

 5. Do you believe that the natural hair movement is a fad? I do not believe that natural hair is a fad. I believe it is a movement and a big support group for all women. It also shows in the movement that we are as one and no matter what color you are, what texture of your hair, what upbringing you had we can all love and honor one another.

 6. What problems do you experience as a natural? The only problems that I have encountered so far is finding good products and how to achieve great growth. I am learning more and more day by day. I have a blog and other social media websites supporting natural women so I reach out to them for advice on my natural hair journey.

 7. Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it like? Honestly I really don't. I pretty much let my hair do its all thing. I do have a satin pillowcase and bonnet I sleep in. In the morning I usually just wet my hair, apply coconut oil, Cantu leave in conditioner, and Cantu coconut curling cream and go. I have been experimenting with wash-n-gos so far for the month of June.

 8. What would you tell someone who wanted to go natural? Basically, I would say "Go for it and no matter what embrace your natural self."

 9.What would you like to do with your hair in the future? I would like to just let it grow and get a big bush. I want an afro like Pam Grier had back in the day and hopefully get length like MahoganyCurls. 

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