Friday, 13 June 2014

Blog Renovation Fridays: Sharing Guest Posts

Hilow gentle people! Next week Saturday will mark my baby's second birthday. I started blogging in June 21, 2012 and I have learnt a lot and meet some wonderful internet buds. With that being said I have a few friends who have started blogs as well and I'd just like to share what I have gained under my belt.

Most bloggers every now and again like to give their friends or just people in general the opportunity to share content on their blog. But why do people do this? From what I had researched when you are share your work with another blog through the form of guest blogging; you open and introduce yourself to a new audience. Now this is a win-win for both you and the individual that you work with has you are both promoting your work to both audiences (yours and their). Additionally, you establish a new relationship and expose new visitors to your blog as well. Now onto the meat of the matter. Today, I will focus on receiving content via email and publishing it to your blog. Typically, it is easy when you ask someone to produce content for your blog and send it to your email. Right? Right! However, if you have a font (text style) that you use on your blog, once you take the content from your email into blogger your end up with varying texts on your blog. Now this may not be too much of a big deal but it is. It messes with the sync and flow because the appearance isn't uniform.

Below is what your friend sent you to publish on your blog:

You go ahead and copy and paste it into your new post section
 Then proceed to publish
Once published the text seen is not the one set has your blog text, but rather that from the email.

Original blog text| See the difference?

Here is one quick and easy tip to solve the problem.
1. Copy and paste content from the email into notepad on your computer. Any default text from the email will be removed.

2. Copy the info from notepad into the new post section. At this point check the preview to see if your default font is there

3. Viola! No one million fonts on your blog.

 Happy blogging