Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wata de Scalp

Trust me I know, I know. Why haven't you done one of these in a while? I love blogging but think vloggers have it just a little easier in regards to documentation. Anywho! I even forgot the format oh snap.

1. Started off on stretched hair that was sectioned into 6 parts.
2. Applied a new diy hair treatment I was testing to dry hair, deep conditioned for 50 minutes and detangled.
3. Shampooed twice with diluted shampoo with essential oil added (tea tree and lavender)
4. Shampooed with black soap
5. Coated hair in Vo5 Volumizing Conditioner.
6. Rinsed with cool water
7. Applied stying products and proceeded to blow dry.
8. Trim ends

My hair was quite dirty and so I didnt mind the extra clean; however, next time I may consider doing one diluted shampoo wash as oppose to two. Reason for this was my hair was quite dry. After I attempted curlformers but they were frustrating so I went on ahead and did a blow out. I had been planning to do this either way and invested in the Tresseme Heat Tamer Spray. Lovely smell I must say. Used the comb attachment on the blow dryer. I wondered if the spray had cut the drying time has it wasn't too much of a pain to blow dry or shrug. Wore my hair in a side bun with my brother's fedora the following day and I just braided my hair in sections to keep it stretched. Saturday I did a mohawk and I loved it. Haven't done anything like it before,  it's so different from my regular throwing my hair into a banana clip style. The Friday night my scalp was oiled and shea butter added to my hair. 
Happy watering