Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tag| Curl Confessions

Recently was tagged by Freda Fro to this tag that she coined herself called the Curl Confessions. So basically I must shamelessly tell 10 things that I do to my hair that goes against all hair rules.

1. I use shampoos that have sulfates.

2. I have ripped through my hair while detangling.

3. Sometimes I can't be bothered to tie my hair and idle in bed with my hair against my cotton pillow case.

4. I leave my hair for weeks without moisturizing or anything

5. I throw on tams without any scarfs/ tie head underneath

6.  I leave my hair to tangle and don't touch it till wash day. (Which most times is once a month) covers face*

7. Never done the inversion method or rubbing of nails for growth. 

8. My hair hates Vo5 Moisture Milk that everyone raved about

9. I use silicones and the other cones from time to time

10. I use heat