Friday, 16 May 2014

New Operations

Last Thursday my housemates and I went to a Children's Home we had been planning for quite some time. It started out has a beautiful day, sunny skies and was wonderfully warm. But then the rain came pouring and it was doubtful of our appearance. We reach into the town and manage to foster the strength to buy two umbrellas and take the path of our destiny that stretched forth in puddles of water. We have hampers on our back struggling with load but we were adamant that we had already left the house and there was absolutely no going back from here. Plus Jodi had traveled all the way from St. Ann and no doubt would let us have a cussing. Myself and Jullisa go on over to buy the last item which was the ice cream while the others went to get a taxi (talk about teamwork). We get in the taxi and off we go. We pull up to what looked like a house (quite beautiful I must add) and whispered to each other if we were in the right place. Venturing on the inside to be greeted by the cutest troublesome girl and the secretary.

Started off by doing a icebreaker and Jullisa proceeded to have devotion. Introduction was probably one of my favourite parts, corny but they were just too adorable. Many of them wanted to become teachers, fire fighters and the two who struck me- one wanted to be a fashion designer and another a pastor. You sure know we represented, repping Teacher Education, Mass Communication, Nursing and Computer Science. The reminder of the day was spent playing ring games and indulging in the treats we had brought for them. One thing I was looking forward to was meeting Major Palmer but she wasn't available. We got a tour of the facilities and let me tell you; their rooms are so nice (intense emphasis on so nice). The young ones and teens are separated, the younger ones bunked also the a few of the boys. While the teen girls had their own room, this hall apparently was everyone's favourite. The living room resembled that of a waiting area in a hotel, the rooms were nice and cozy. Plus the kitchen was my favourite they had the most awesome industrial stove. Of all the years doing outreaches with my Youth Department at church I have never seen anything like this before or was it because we never got a tour. Ultimately, we achieved much more than was expected and we are thankful for God's grace and mercy that made it a reality.

|Puts up feet| Now one more thing to add to my list of responsibilities, I serve has the secretary/ public relations officer of B.E.L.I.E.F Inc. What's that KK? Believing Every Little Individual is Entitled to a Future  Incorporated is a non-profitable group which seeks to offer our services to less fortunate children of our society. Simply a group of housemates and friends came together to start the idea of giving back to children not only during the holiday season. You know what I'm talking about, sometimes we don't remember them until some big holiday and we didn't want to be about that. All the members were unable to be in attendance but it was a good day. We did a vlog so in addition to this documented post you can see a little action.

Happy believing