Saturday, 5 April 2014

Staying encouraged in discouraging circumstances

Hilow gentle people!
Lately I've feeling some sort of way, there's not much joy in doing the things I used to be so passionate about and I keep jumping back and forth on how I am feeling. One minute I'm great and could possibly smash a watermelon with my bare hands (kung fu voice HI! Ya!) Then I can hardly find the zeal much less energy to do the things that are necessary. A barrage of issues keep hitting me and am struggling. Not performing has I want to and it may quite possibly be affecting my head space. If you are familiar with me, you'll know that I grew into an optimist. So the optimist mind has a word for the side of my brain that's telling me that this semester is a fail. (Clears throat)
1. Remember last semester when that teacher (who will remain unidentified) told you, "You're in shallow water and wont pass this course"
2. Remember when you spent most of the semester in tears
3. Remember when you missed so many classes because you were either too exhausted to leave home or sick.
4. Remember when you started to feel afraid
5. Remember when you never had any food.
6. Remember when people turned their back on you.
7. Remember when your mind thought no good ending would come to that mess.
Now the bad news had their time; let me tell her about what really happened.
1. Yes, you weren't performing has you ought to but guess what you managed to get a C in that course. C isn't great but your G.P.A went up last semester.
2. Yes, you did cry a lot last semester and you opened this semester with even greater water balloons. But remember what happened at the end of the semester? YOU were happy.
3.Yes, you missed classes and worry became your bestie. But guess what happened again? You got 3As, 1A- and a B+.
4. You started doubting yourself again and your assessments were off of your own judgments. Then you gave it all to God and he made a way.
5. Remember there's a season for everything. Remember how you were provided with food from friends.
6. Yay! it hurt when those people walked out your life but wasnt it fun gaining new ones?
7. Last semester ended better than you had thought, no luck. That right there was God's work.
The next time you can only think of what's going wrong KK, remember all the greats that you have experienced.
Love you
Happy encouraging