Thursday, 10 April 2014

Introduction| to my Hair Textures

This past weekend I had my wash day (yes people I haven't done anything related to my hair lately) and took some snaps of my hair texture. I wear my hair in protective styles as many of you may know already and so my texture is typically stretched out. I have about four different hair textures; wavy, spirals, tight curls and a cloud/no definition

Where this textures are found:
1. Wavy: to the nape area
2. Spirals: Just above the nape towards the middle of my head
3. Tight Curls: Middle of my head
4. Cloud/no definition: front and top of head

1. I started out by applying some of my Mom's Suave Conditioner with Shea butter in it to twists that I had been wearing for a week.
2. Proceeded to finger detangle
3. Shampooed with diluted Vo5 shampoo
4. Followed with black soap
5. Moisturized and sealed

It took over an hour to finger detangle but it was a lot less painful than the comb and breakage was minimal. My hair was stripped and I didn't mind, it was about 3 weeks since it had been washed anyways. I'm thinking of going back to my once a month wash day as it proves to be a lot my beneficial. I styled my hair in a Weave and Believe High Bun and you'll see that in my upcoming post. (excited for you all to see it)

Look forward to some update and what I've changed.

Happy washing
God bless you