Friday, 18 April 2014

Hair Challenge: No length checks until July 16

Do you ever find yourself constantly checking your hair length?
Do you feel like your hair isn't growing?

I will not be implementing a lot of strict rules other than 2 LC over the period of this challenge.
The challenge will begin April 23, 2014 and ends July 16, 2014
This will be a 12 week challenge

Stay Hydrated
Massage scalp to encourage blood flow
Take vitamins
Low Manipulation
Maximum of 2 heat passes  
Protective style (optional)

Please include your starting pictures.
Thank you.

Whenever you start feeling frustrated or that temptation to check:
Read a book
Call a friend
Write a blog
Cook some food :)
Find something to occupy your time so that you wont do so.
Below I have inserted a link for the submission of pictures when the challenge commences.
Only two more days until it starts.
No Length Checks Until July 16