Sunday, 27 April 2014

Habits for the No Length Check Hair Challenge

My hair challenge started last week Wednesday and so far it has been good. I'm taking a daily vitamin for overall health and yesterday (Saturday) I decided to implement the baggying method once more in my hair journey. My ends have been suffering and I've done a total of four trims since January. This is going to help maintain moisture which should help with length retention. I may do this atleast twice a week. Additionally, still sticking to washing once a month and no heat until after the challenge which is July 16. And who could forget protective styling.

It's not too late to do this challenge with me, whenever you start just calculate when you start until the ending date to see how long you would be doing it for. For those who are already apart of it, what are you planning to do?

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen my protective style I call it the Rolling Bun. Let me know if I should do a pictorial or tutorial.

I'm thinking of changing my name here (Yulli Blue) and Youtube to kreamykurls. I believe I'd be identified better on the web seeing that I am kreamykurls on instagram; however, I'm wondering about it. Any thoughts?

Happy challenging