Friday, 28 March 2014

Do Yo Own: Moisturizing Prepoo

For those who have been on a journey or are new to this; you all might be aware about prepoos. A prepoo is a step before the shampoo process that simply lessens the drying results of shampooing. There's no set product for prepooing; it can be a conditioner, oil or even both combined. Below I have whipped up I little potion that will change your hair life. 
The two special ingredients are molasses and  coconut oil. Molasses darkens and enhances hair natural colour. Adds shine, aids softness and strengthens weak and thinning hair. Coconut oil adds shine, penetrates the cuticle and is great for dandruff.
What you'll need:
7 tbsp Molasses
7 tbsp Coconut oil
2 Tbsp water
Spray bottle to moisten hair
Mess level: quite messy
1. In a container thoroughly combine all three ingredients.
2. Moisten hair using water and apply molasses treatment.
3. Allow to steam for 15-30 minutes. 4.Proceed to shampoo or cowash
* Dependent on the thickness and length of your hair; you may have to twick this.
Happy prepooing