Friday, 28 February 2014

Protective Style: Inspired by Itsknotsoeasy

Hilow gentle folks. It has been a while since I've done much of hair related stuff right? I know.... over the weekend I did a pamper wash day with aims of recording it but it didn't go has planned.
My hair was really dry and tangled so the first thing I did was pre-poo with molasses and coconut oil mix for about 30 minutes. Proceeded to shampoo with black soap that hady hair feeling amazing. Did that twice but upon exiting the shower I realized my hair wasn't clean at the scalp so I shampoo once with a Vo5 shampoo. Then deep conditioned with a DYO Yogurt Conditioner for about 40 minutes, detangled, cowashed and moisture and seal. I did do another trim has I noticed I had some spilt ends.
Time was against me so I went to YouTube in search of a quick style and found  itsknotsoeasy tutorial about milk maid braid. Will insert video. Definitely try this out, I'm glad she made this video.
Happy washing