Friday, 14 February 2014

Dear God

So how do I begin this?

I've been wondering for the last four months, why I've been put here. At first I thought it was torture, then it became a responsibility I vowed that my sole duty was to be a helper. But, I've been questioning my competence. I'm tested daily by these little words, gestures and sighs. You said that there would be challenges on this journey, but it's hard. Hard to remain positive when all you're surrounded by are negative people. My light is to shine indeed but what happens when my light needs kindling. Just came to me. You're my light-source. I want to see my friend better; but what if I cannot help. She needs your help God. I can believe, I can pray but she needs to ask you as well. I know not where I am to end up or what the result of this friendship will be. But you have the will and power to make this situation into whatever it should be. I came from that place or close enough from there and I'm glad I'm not there anymore. Thank you for forgiveness, thank you for helping me to change. I believe I can do this. It's going to get harder but with you has my strength I must keep pushing on. Even when I'm down on the ground.

Your daughter,