Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hol Mi Close

I just made the switch from, Psychology to study teacher education, found a new place, new roommate and it almost felt like starting university all over again. But instead of giving you all a long background story; I want to acknowledge one particular incident that I experienced last year.
My roommate suffers from peptic ulcer and I recall one morning she was in terrible pain and blood in her stool. She made a call to a family member and he said he'd be on his way. We waited for a while and I decided he could meet us at the doctor. So told her to get dressed and we got a ride with our land lady. It was quite a wait before we could see the doctor and when we finally got in, he propounds that she needed two shots. He recommended going to the hospital where they would be free so off we went. We get there with our emergency note; however, the nurse scuffed at it. Then stated that they needed to do their own tests. She stayed in the doctor's office while I had to run off and register her. After completing that process, I had to explain that my roommate was actually a "relative" for them to let me in. (Her file at the hospital now suggests that I am her mother.)
I'm now in the same area has she is and I find her on drip waiting to get her shots. In time the nurse calls us and I accompanied her to the injection room. She gets two shots and the nurse goes for a third dose. In my mind I knew she was to get two but she was going to give her another shot. I started to feel dizzy, almost like how I would feel with a migraine so I closed my eyes still holding my roommate. I proceeded to start dreaming of  beautiful place and there was a man driving a car telling me to come inside. However, I was so captivated by the beautification that I never paid him much attention. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name and slapping noises. I received a heavy and loud slap across the face and wake up to see the nurse calling for help and roommate kneeling over me. They explained that I fell into the wall and blacked out. The nurse took my pressure and demanded that I do not move. After the ordeal, I spent a few days trying to analyze what my dream was about. Then it came to me. It was quite possible that that dream could have been my death. (This is my assumption.) Not a lot of people believe in dreams, but when I think about it it's nothing that I've done but God's grace that keeps me.
For this new year I am most grateful for life; for it can be gone in a second. Additionally, I feel and realize that God keeps placing me in situations of need. This person, that person and at one point it became a strain as I was taking care of everyone except myself. No matter how I try to pull myself away someone ends up being placed in my path once more.
I know I'm not meant to be ordinary, I just need the strength, wisdom and courage to accept who Christ is shaping me to be.
God bless you