Friday, 2 August 2013

Selflessly: Destruction

As a child I struggled the most when it came onto accepting myself and also being myself. I always wanted to be like this person or that person, but never truly, me. I never thought I was pretty enough or cool enough to accomplish certain tasks and as such I never even tried. In my previous years I used to say, 'I'm an ugly duckling that turned into a swan.' Bwoy! When I sit and remember all the foolishness I had taught and convinced myself as a teen I cringe.

 This is my very first Destruction post of my selfless journey. Lost on what I'm talk about? Click here

Being destructive isn't about being rebellious or crazy for me; it's simply about doing something that I would typically be too scared to do. I AM the one who holds myself back, there are moments when my bones have wanted to burst from beneath this skin and I'd cover it with bubble wrap just to keep concealed.  No guts, no glory. As simple as it may appear my destruction was taking the above photograph. In an earlier post I mentioned my struggle with knownaphobia let me tell you the beach was crowded and I normally don't like to be the center of attention but I felt comfortable. I am starting to gain a liking for posing for the camera, who knows I may eventually become a model :) I will not take credit for anything God has done for me; as such Thank you Lord for charging and renewing me daily.

I am proud of how far I've come and look forward to the journey as I trod my way on. 

Happy Selfless Destruction
God Bless you