Saturday, 24 August 2013

Do Your Own: Watch Adjustments

Pictured on the left is a Geneva White Rose Gold Boyfriend Chronograph Analog Watch I recently bought. However, the fit was a bit too large for my wrist and so adjustments had to be made. Think you need to rush to a jeweler to get it fixed? Not at all; let me show you.

What you'll need:
Paper clip
Bird beak pliers (optional)

1. Firstly, place the watch on your hand and make an estimate of the number of links you'd like to remove to have a comfortable fit. Next turn your watch vertically so as to see where the links are connected and which links are removeable.

2. Straighten one of the curved ends of your paper clip for this is what you will use to remove the pin/s that hold the links together. Once you have done this insert the straightened end into the hole and push the pin out. See picture three in the image below.

3. After that is done the link will be detached from each other. Three links were counted off and removed from my band by simply doing step three once more. See picture five.

4. As soon as you are satisfied, join the two sections together and insert the pin that you had previously removed. <--Picture six

5. Viola! Easy right? Place those links and pin you removed in a safe place; you never know if you'll need them again.
Here's the video that I watched to gather the concept of adjusting the band; however, I did not use any of the tools illustrated.

Happy adjusting
God bless you