Saturday, 10 August 2013

50 facts about me cont'

26. I love curry. Once my mom thought something was wrong with me because that's all I craved.
27. I'm turning into a girl. I typically grew up as a tom boy and enjoyed it. However, being "girly" isn't so bad.
28. I tend to get a little impatient after I've taught someone the same task more than five times.
29. I'm a giver and sometimes have difficulties with receiving gifts.
30. Sometimes I'm not so great at multitasking but I do try.
31. I sing and dance whenever I'm embarrassed
32. My favourite song at the moment is sinner saved by grace done by the Gaithers
33. I had a bad temper back in the day

34. I love old school music. Especially dem love songs, takes my breath away.
35. I love Roots Reggae, I'm intrigued by the Rastafari culture.
36. I had Cheesecake and Pecan Pie the first time in Canada. I'm in love
37. My cousin says I sometimes talk in my sleep. Mostly about food. hehe
38. I prefer to make cards (birthday, anniversary..) instead of buying
39. I do not like to waste money. I always consider needs over wants
40. I love to travel and be in the company of friends.
41. I'm a November baby! I'll be 21 in November
42. My mom thinks I need psychiatric help. I'm a goofball
43. I love vlogs so much.
44. I love fruits. I slaughter dem when they're in the house
45. I used to be a chubby child all of primary school and the early part of high school
46.I love sunglasses, wish I could wear em.
47. I want to visit Africa and Italy
48. I'm allergic to chocolate. What?! Yes gurl it's true. No chocolate for me in February
49. I've always wanted to learn Kung Fu
50. I have a mole beside my right eye but my glasses blocks it.

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